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An Analysis of the causes of the Wars and the course which they took.

Michael D. Miller

Battlefield Map: The 2nd Battle of St Albans 17th February 1461


Warwick expected the Lancastrians advance in the direction of the grey arrows. Instead the Lancastrians under Somerset and Trollope make a night march along the Watling Street and cross the River Vere at dawn. They advance up Fishpool Street but are driven back by the Yorkist archers. They out-flank the archers by advancing up Folly Lane and overwhelm them The stage is set to take the Yorkist Army in the flank.

Neville, who is too far away to see for himself, believes that ruckus around the Abbey is nothing more than a diversion. Only at noon, when he sees the whole Lancastrian Army advancing from the South, does he turn his division to face South and sends word to Warwick about what is happening. Neville and his division make a furious fight of it while hoping for support from Warwick.

Warwick, is too far away to see what is happening, is obsessed with the fear of the Lancastrian attack from the West and refused to march to Neville's help. Only late in the afternoon does he turn to help Neville. Now he is delayed by treachery. When his division moves to Neville's help, Neville's division has been broken and put to flight. Warwick gathers up the fugitives, fight off the Lancastrians, and withdraws to the north under cover of the approaching night.

King Henry VI, variously reported at a home in the town and the village of Sandridge, is rescued by the Lancastrian Army.

Copyright Michael D. Miller 2003