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An Analysis of the causes of the Wars and the course which they took.

Michael D. Miller

Battlefield Map: The Battle of Towton 29 March 1461


The eastern bank of the River Cock is very steep everywhere. There is still a rise on its eastern bank, so it must have broken its bank in the Western side and thus made a broad river in place of what is normally a small stream. 

There is a small but noticeable dip in the ground before Saxton Grange. Running west, this becomes pronounced by the time it reaches Dalhowton dale.

Probable duration of 12 hours from the advance of Faucanberghe's archers between 10/11am until the slaughter finally ceased "well after dark". King Edward IV's objective was total annihilation of his enemies. In 1997 a grave of the fallen was discovered near the Tadchester which means that there must have been a vigorous pursuit by mounted men. Only mounted men could have caught up with the fugitives which could account for so man head injuries [The Time 27 October 1997]

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