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An Analysis of the causes of the Wars and the course which they took.

Michael D. Miller

Battlefield Map: The Battle of Northampton 10 July 1460


The Yorkists were on the march towards Northampton which had been sacked and is on fire. Their scouts report that the Lancastrian Army is in a fortified position with many guns ready to attack them in the flank. Warwick forms up the Yorkist Army to face the Lancastrians.

With memories of the Battle of Castillon (1453) in mind, he is initially reluctant to attack as the guns promise heavy casualties to his Army. The two Armies face each other, neither making a move.

Then a sudden summer storm breaks with drenching rain. This will drench the powder around the guns and render them useless. Before fresh supplies can be brought up to the guns, Warwick charges.

The a most surprising thing happens. Instead of fighting off the Yorkists, the Lancastrian soldiers help them over the barricades so there is little fighting. Treachery, all too common in the Wars, is at work.

Warwick gives the order that the King, who is once again captured, and the common folk are to be spared. All the nobles are put to death. This is done without mercy.

Copyright Michael D. Miller 2003