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An Analysis of the causes of the Wars and the course which they took.

Michael D. Miller

Battlefield Map: The Battle of Wakefield 30 December 1460


As soon as Richard, Duke of York, could see Clifford's force he resolved to attack it, although he must have been able to see that it was not the entire Lancastrian Army. This should have caused him to wonder, where were the rest? The rest were lurking in the woods to either side of the open ground and were out of sight.

The Yorkists had to lead by the Castles main gate which faced south. They then had to wheel to the right to march on Clifford, and then advanced to attack him. As soon as battle was joined the Lancastrian troops in the woods broke cover and attacked the Yorkist rear. The Yorkist Army was surrounded and destroyed: Richard had walked into a classical trap.

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