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An Analysis of the causes of the Wars and the course which they took.

Michael D. Miller

Battlefield Map: The Battle of Mortimers Cross 2 February 1461


Th Lancastrian Army advanced from Wales and Edward, the new Duke of York, decided to bring it to battle at the Hamlet of Mortimers Cross. The battle was fought shortly after dawn.

What seems to have decided the battle was the ferocious charge by Edwards division which broke Pembroke's division in the first few minutes, and before Ormond/Wiltshire had properly settled down after climbing through and the descending the Cullender Coppice. By some accounts Owen Tudor tried to outflank his opposing Yorkist division. This was unlikely to help him because the Yorkists only had to wheel to the left to keep facing him, and Edward, having routed Pembroke's division, could now join in the attack on him.

It is improbable that the battle, which put the Lancastrians to flight, lasted more than an hour, perhaps even less. It was however Edwards first major battle and the first of his victories.

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